Laurie L. Myers-Junker


Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA. M.S. degree in Audiology, May 1995, Summa Cum Laude.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania,
Indiana, PA. B.S. degree in Education of the Hearing Impaired, December 1992, Magna Cum Laude.


Clinical Practica

Lester F. Shapiro, M.D., White Oak, PA (May 1995 – November 2000)

Veterans Administration Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA (March 1995 - April 1995)

Children's Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA (January 1995 - March 1995)

Penn State University Speech & Hearing Clinic, University Park, PA (August 1993 - December 1994)


Related Experience

Filtered Sound Effects Research Project (January 1994 - Present)

Michael and Associates, Inc. (September 1993 - December 1994)

Research Assistant for Tomasz Letowski, Ph.D., (November 1993 - December 1994)


References available upon request